Refuse the tests and end the tyranny of the Regents.



If you have had any qualms about refusing the tests in the past, please realize this is the only choice parents have left.
The only way to end this hellish cycle of testing abuse, firing teachers, and the taking over of “failing schools”, is to starve the data machine as designed by nysed.

Parent activist Danielle Tache Gabrielini writes this comment about why we fight the corporate and federal take over of our schools, and why the regents have again failed us all. Here is why it is every parent’s responsibility to their children and their schools to refuse to provide data, by opting out.

“Since the disastrous vote of the NYS regents this week solidifies the 50% APPR, our biggest defense is 100% refusal. Teachers can’t be graded on tests NO ONE takes.

Parents if you think this is no big deal, you are wrong. The scores were cut…

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