Common core is all wrong, and they know it.

Part of cc task force statement November 16 2015



Common core is all wrong and they know it. But the bought off media hails it. And the blunderous Duncan regime pushes it. It’s all about the take over. No one cares about the consequence.

The Feds and corporations never before had a financial stake in schools. Now they push Pearson material, Gate$ curriculum, and for profit charters. Public schools are slipping away, piece by piece. The pro common core set are paid. They push it for money. No amount of money can buy children from their parents.

(This comment is fairly generous, yet still relevant.)

“The trouble with the Common Core is not that it was the handiwork of anti-American ideologues or anti-teacher dogmatists, but that it was the work of well-meaning, self-impressed technocrats who fudged difficult questions, used federal coercion to compel rapid national adoption, and assumed that things would work out. When critics of the Common…

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