DEFORMY Duncan and his dastardly agenda.

Cc task force advisory committee statement



A compilation of eye opening critique on the DEFORMY Federal take over of our schools. The long and short of it is, racist, sexist, arrogant, ignorant Arne Duncan, as allowed by this administration who is trying to forge an “edu-legacy”, has ensured no school is left unsold. He is attempting to change our culture from family centered to school centered. Which means federal centered. Which means the breakdown of the American family, and a nanny state, with heavy intervention from the Feds in every aspect of our children. Which also means toxic testing for children, the destruction of our schools and classrooms, and the ruination of teaching as we knew it. Once a coveted profession, teaching has been systematically gutted by these people, who know nothing about a healthy classroom environment. Common core has ruined our schools by its very definition. It has assumed the entire nation’s children are the…

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