Turn the CCSS Page, Please

Huge news for the Anti CCSS Warriors!! This article is sure to be a game changer and head turner for sure.

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Cyber warfare?: This blog post contains blocked content

Cloaking Inequity

Warning!: This blog post contains blocked content.

All of the evidence that I am about to present to you may be purely coincidence and solely circumstantial.

Like a good Sherlock Holmes mystery I’ll let you put the pieces together.

It all began in 2014 with the post To Whom does (Censored) Give Power and Influence?

The post covered Mapping the Terrain: (Censored) Charter School Reform, and Corporate Sponsorship, a peer-reviewed article in the Journal of Education Policy  that revealed the relationships between (Censored) and federal charter school “reform” to interrogate how policy decisions are shaped by networks of elite individuals, organizations, and private corporations. The article document how (Censored) is a central and important node in a network promoting the rapid expansion of charter schools, a reform effort that amplifies the voices of an elite network of privately sponsored organizations and individuals, while potentially disenfranchising the voices of community members and educational…

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Spring 2016 NYS ELA Testing Update – The Feedback

The "999"ers: Something is not right.

The first week of 2016 New York State ELA testing is complete. The stories of the test takers and those who administer the exams are trickling in via various social media sites, pages and posts. The comments below were posted publicly across many different social sites without names because teachers are under a gag order to not speak about the exams. Fight Club like restrictions. Read it and weep while keeping these words in mind as we prepare for the next round of 2016 NYS testing: Math.

Here we go…

“That several English Language Learner students in a district with intense pressure to test well due to Receivership status sat for 6 hours of testing today. When the tests were taken away from them at dismissal they were still working. These are children. How can anyone support this?”

“I just proctored the 3 grade test in NYC. The first question…

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